Miracles do happen…….   Leave a comment


Do you believe in Miracles?
Do you know someone  who has had a miraculous healing?

The Compassionate Christ-
His love for people overcame His need to help them.
Many of those He healed did not say “thank you”, –
but He healed them anyway.
Most were concerned with their health, than being holy, –
but He healed them anyway.
Some of them who wanted to be fed – would cry for His “blood”,
a few months later- but He healed them.

Miracles – are evidence that there  are dimensions of God-
we cannot comprehend that nothing is too hard for Christ.

It is with PRAYER- and FAITH to Believe-
and to  Accept – By saying- “Thy will be done”.

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” NO!  Genesis 18 : 14

Thank you Lord for your healing in my life.
I  have seen Your healing power  evident  in others too.


Posted May 23, 2012 by ~ OPAL'S JOURNAL~ in Personal Thoughts.


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