Two are better than One……..


Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

 9 Two people are better than one.
They can help each other in everything they do. 

 10 Suppose someone falls down. 
   Then his friend can help him up. 
   But suppose the man who falls down
doesn’t have anyone to help him up.
Then feel sorry for him!

Is your ‘marriage’ growing a bit stale – and stuck in a ‘rut’?
Recall why you said “I Do” – in the first place.
Proverbs 5: 18
“So be happy with your wife
and find your joy with the woman you married—”.

How to best help each other –
Appreciate, Encourage and Support each other .
Enjoy and ‘spoil’ each other
Invite God into your life by-
Praying and submitting to Him and to each other.

‘Love‘ is not a word that describes feelings.
It is not a technique to fulfill a need.
It is an action in responding to God in relation to us.
With God in your life-
we will know the true meaning of ‘Happiness’.

Your Prayers reach far beyond self.
When you ask for wisdom from God –
you identify with God’s plan for your life.

Give me unselfish thoughts – and commitment.
Help me Lord to enrich my Marriage


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