Virtuous Woman…


“A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband”.. Proverbs 12:4 KJV

Ruth  4:13 – Talks of the wedding of Ruth and Boaz.
The union of this couple continued a noble lineage through time.
The family tree of Jesus included these people. (Matthew 1; and Luke 3.)

1 Samuel 1:10 – Speaks about another virtuous woman,
Her name was Hannah.  Nothing was negative in her life.
Her name means – “Grace and Favor”.
How was her life a testimony  to God’s grace?
It was through her pain; suffering and sacrifice.
Her life had many problems but it was filled with Prayer and tears.

What a wonderful an amazing role model these women have given us.
(and there are others)

Women – we should  be inspired by these women- You are Blessed. 
Through your struggles and difficulties- trust HIM.
Women have so much to offer and God has a plan for each of our lives.


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