“Blessed among Women”…..


”Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you;
blessed are you among women.”  Luke 1 : 28.

Mary was chosen to be the Mother of Jesus –
The Angel Gabriel announced to her that she was favored by God.

Mary’s response to this  “news” was  amazement :
“But how can I have a baby?  I am a virgin? ” –
‘”God will bring it about by the Holy Spirit”‘ – said the Angel.  Luke 1:29.

She accepted the news- confused at  first-  not with resignation
– but with ‘joy”- to be the MOTHER of the son of God.

Mary said -“” I am the Lord’s  servant- and I am willing to do whatever He wants.”.
She accepted it as a blessing and a honor.

Every mother – in her mothering responsibilities – is God’s servant.
Being a Mother is more than just a role.  It’s a God given Mission.

All Mother”s – Consider yourselves a BLESSING.


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