Women – of God’s Calling….


Be honored women – Proverbs 31 speaks of a “Model Woman” –
It also comes with responsibility

 It describes the qualities of God’s Beautiful woman;
Her price is greater than Rubies
It speaks of  Gracious, Blessed,  Women called by God.
( I have  included some of them this week)

I encourage you to read – Proverbs 31. 
This is what God wants from a woman-

– She does her husband good.  –  She is industrious. –  Generous.
– Home keeper and  a reliable  Mother, – She  helps the needy.
– She is honorable, wise and kind.-
-She looks to the future. making preparation.
– And her children and husband Value her and sing her praises.

Look to this amazing Woman for inspiration.
With God’s help you too can accomplish much
He wants you to tend your home and serve your family with love –
Do the best that you can; express your creativity .

Value yourself – What an awesome  privilege we have?

 – You have a plan for me.


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