You are something Special……

i am wiyh you                                                                         ***

As you stand— Observing God’s Workshop- consider this–
If  He is able to place the stars in their sockets
and suspend the the sky like a curtain-;
Do you not think that it is possible that
God is able to guide your life?

If He can ignite the sun —
Is He not mighty enough to light your path?
If  He cares about the planets– and holds them in space –
I know He cares enough to meet all our needs.

Can anything separate us from the LOVE of GOD?
– God answered our questions  before we asked it!
He was born for us . on earth ;
God sent Angels to announce His birth;
He sent His Son- to live among humans
and die for us.

He looked at the Human Race- and said –
” You are special to Me”‘ .

“Nothing in the whole world
will separate us from the LOVE of  God.”
Romans 8 : 39

“I pray the God of peace will give you everything you need-
so you can do what He wants”
Hebrews 13: 20

 Happy Sabbath.

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