A Faithful Father…..


” He is a faithful God– who does no wrong- He is right and fair.”
Deuteronomy 32;4

Recognize God – as Lord. He is Sovereign and supreme in the Universe.
To accept Him as Savior is to accept His gift of salvation
offered on the cross by his Son- Jesus.

Look at the “gifts’ – God has given us;

When we speak- He listens;  Make a request and he responds ;
He will not let us be tempted more than we are able to bear;
Let a tear appear on our cheek – He is there to comfort us;
When we sing praises to Him – He is there to listen;
As much as we want to see Him – He wants to see us more;
He has chosen us – to be His children.

” Every good action and every perfect gift is from God. ” James 1 : 17

Thank you Lord- for all your gifts – and your Love to me.

Nothing impossible


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