Feel Secure in Him…………


“God is strong and can help you when you fall”. Jude : 24

Imagine you are on a great climb-
The wall is high and the stakes are higher.
You took your first step –
when you accepted Christ as your Savior- the Son of God.
He gave you a harness – The Holy Spirit;
In your hands he placed a rope – His Word,  the Bible.

Your first steps were confident and strong;
but with the journey came weariness,
and with the height came fear.
You lost your footing – your focus- your grip and you fell.
You were out of control and you stumbled wildly.
Out of self-control- Disoriented – Dislodged and falling.

But then suddenly – the rope tightened and the tumbling ceased.
You used the harness provided and it felt strong.
You grasped the rope and found it to be TRUE-

Amazing,  though you cannot see your guide – you sense Him there;
You feel safe because HE is strong and keeps you from falling.
You feel secure in His grasp.
(Max Lucado)

“You gave me life and showed me kindness –
and in Your care you watched over me.” Job 10 : 12

Every day You are with me – Your LOVE never fails – Thank you Lord.

Wishing you a “Happy Sabbath”‘.




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