Freedom from Fear ……



Of all the emotions that influence human action, –
Fear is one of the most forceful.
It may be – Fear of recession;  accident or something terrible
– like a national disaster- crime or terrorism
or even death- loss of family or friends.

What will give us this FREEDOM from FEAR?
The answer is – Trusting and being confident in God’s plans for you.
God is all-powerful and because of His love for us-
He will do the best for us.

Courage comes with conviction that God will never fail us.
When mountains of difficulties rise up- do not be afraid.
Trust the God who can change forbidding circumstances.
The roots of courage comes with FAITH and devotion

Jesus used words like —
“Take courage”. – ” Be of good cheer.” – “Don’t be afraid”.

Draw strength from the promise of this Verse spoken to Joshua-
Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and of good courage:
Do not be afraid,  nor be dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you – where ever you go.”
Joshua 1 : 9

Help me Lord  to believe -“When in FAITH  I take hold of your strength-
You will change the most hopeless outlook.
You will do this for the glory of His name.”


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