God’s PEACE……



Christ is the Prince of  PEACE

“You will keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on  You,
because he trusts  in You.”
Isaiah  26 : 3

Peace of mind is one of the most
sough after qualities in the world today.
People’s hearts are like the troubled sea – that cannot find rest.
As long as we maintain our source with Jesus –
we can have His PEACE.

Just as a river has a source – so has peace;
And as a river has a channel – so has peace.
To experience His peace we have to trust and obey Him.
Christ is that Channel.

“Many who profess to be His followers,
have an anxious, troubled heart
because they are afraid to trust God;  or surrender to Him.
They shrink from the consequence that this surrender involves-
Until one is willing to make this surrender one cannot find PEACE.”
(Desire of Ages p 330)

When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives.
It brings-Love; Joy and Peace.


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