For the Glory of God……



Every manifestation of Creation –
is an expression of  God’s infinite Love.
Whether it is a newborn baby or a galaxy of stars.

After the Bible- ‘Creation’ is God’s book of nature.
Life is Love; Life is sacred and Life is spiritual-
Thank and Praise God for His wonderful creation.
From Him comes every intellectual and artistic talent.
Every emotional capacity- every gift of grace and love.
He brought life into existence.

‘Life’  breathed into all of us by a loving Creator,
has an awe and grandeur beyond comprehension.

Praise Him for His creative powers –
After Creation of the Human Race –
“Then God saw everything that He had made,
and indeed it was very good.
So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”
Genesis 1 : 31

Then on the Seventh Day – God rested from His work –
He Blessed and Sanctified this Day- and called it His Holy Sabbath Day.

Spend time in God’s nature – and have a Blessed Sabbath.

“For the beauty of the earth- For the glory of the skies;
For the love which from our birth – Over and around us lies-
Lord of all to Thee we raise- Our grateful song of praise.”

“For the gift of Thy dear Son; For the hope of heaven at last-
For the Spirits  victory won; For the crown when life is past;
Lord of all to Thee we raise- Our songs of gratitude and praise”.

Folliott S. Pierpoint



One thought on “For the Glory of God……

  1. “Life is mysterious and sacred. It is the manifestation of God Himself, the source of all life.” Ministry of Healing, p.397. “Not only is He the Originator of all, but He is the life of everything that lives. It is His life–for our physical nature–what we receive in the sunshine, in the pure, sweet air, and in the food which builds up our bodies and sustains our strength. It is by His life that we exist, hour by hour, moment by moment. Except as perverted by sin, all His gifts tend to life, to health and joy.” Education, 197,198.

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