Marriage- a blessed union…..



Marriage is a LOVE relationship
that should provide
an ideal atmosphere with
positive and wholesome attitudes towards each other.

A Christian home is an ideal place for family members to grow-;
We learn lessons in ‘kindness; sympathy; forbearance;
forgiveness and how to live in harmony.’
A family with these values has Christ in their lives,
They are an example to the community-
and even point others to Jesus.

The strongest witness-
is the consistent testimony of a Christ centered
partnership /relationship as husband and wife.
God’s plan is for our homes
to be a little bit of heaven on earth.

Growing and nurturing a marriage
of life long friendship takes a lot of work-
It takes commitment, determination, time and sacrifice.
Next to our relationship with God-
it is our most demanding endeavor.
May we be able to say to our spouse-

“This is my beloved – and this is my friend.”
Song of Solomon 5:16

“So then- they are no longer two but one flesh.”…..
Matthew 19:6

May God bless you in your Marriage –  Make God the Head of your home.

( Thank God – for seven years of our marriage today. )


2 thoughts on “Marriage- a blessed union…..

  1. My brother says, “God doesn’t give us the wife we want, He gives us the wife we need.” I thank god for the last 7 years, it has shaped me to the person I am becoming. Please be patient God isn’t finished with me yet

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