“I will bless the Lord at all times;  His PRAISE shall continually be in my mouth.
I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from  all my fears.
They looked unto Him,  and were lightened; and their faces were not ashamed.”
Psalms  34: 1,4, 5

Even in our distress – our first step should be  PRAISE.
Before we cry in your distress-  Even when trouble  seem to overwhelm us  – Bless the Lord.

In our greatest distress – search till we find something to be thankful for.  Then give Praise.
You have established a line of communication between yourself and God.
God will do His part and deliverance will be sure.
Lighten your burden by looking to God  and they will roll away.
Oh! the gladness of your heart!

Prayer can be like incense, rising higher and even higher –
OR it could be like a low-earth mist clinging to the ground-  NEVER soaring!!

The Prayer of real FAITH  is the Prayer of real  JOY,  that sees and knows the heart of LOVE-
it rises to and that is sure of a glad response.

“Joy is the Messenger – that bears our prayers to God.”
Help me to be thankful  and  give You praise for all You do for me

To God be the GLORY – great things He has done-
So loved He the world – That  He gave us his son.

Praise the Lord- Praise the Lord – let the earth hear His voice;
Praise the Lord-  Praise the Lord –   Let the people rejoice. 
Oh! come to the Father through Jesus the Son;
And give Him the GLORY great things He has done. “


still waters


A Special Ministry …


“For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.
But woe to him who is alone when he falls,  for he has no one to help him up.”
Ecclesiastes 4 : 10

Hattie Johnson found it difficult to go to Church after her husband died.
They had always sat together – and now it seemed so terribly lonely to sit by herself.
She felt tempted to stay at home –  that is until she found her special “Ministry”.

Hattie decided to go back to Church.  She would find  a seat near the back.
As people started coming in- she would silently pray for the visitors who would come that day.
When she saw one of them sitting alone , she would find a place near to her.
There would be a ‘handshake- a smile – a few words of welcome’.
After the Service, Hattie had an opportunity to get better acquainted –
and sometimes invited them home for lunch.

Hattie made many wonderful friends over the years through  her ministry-
who happened to visits Hattie’s Church.
Because of her concern for others who were also lonely –
the pain of their loneliness turned into ‘JOY” of service.

“Those who give their lives to Christlike ministry know the meaning of true happiness.
Their interests and their prayers reach beyond self –They receive wisdom from heaven –
They become  more  and more like Christ, sharing His Love. There is no opportunity for spiritual stagnation” (Testimonies, vol. 9, p.42)

If loneliness is one of your problems – find a special Ministry-
that will bring you into contact with others and you will be blessed.

Loneliness – is hard. It may be separation from  friends or travel or loss  by death.
Mankind will always be lonely if they are ‘separated’  from God.
Cultivating a sense of God’s presence is a cure to loneliness.

“My chief employment was the employment of God’s presence.” -(Henry Martyn’s  Diary)

 May God lead me to someone who needs a word of encouragement – and to show them His LOVE.


Changing your life……

god works for good

“Lord, I want to say yes to You and those things You call me to do.
Thank you for grace when I don’t say no as I should,
and for opportunities to redeem those moments.”‘

Not easy to say “NO”‘ – why not try it?-
There are so many temptations and distractions  that we face each moment.

To live out Gods plan for our lives requires  saying ”NO ” –now and then.

Matthew 16:24 says-
If anyone desires to come after Me let him deny himself-
take up his cross and follow Me”‘

I like to share this poem with you-

You tell on yourself –  by the friends you seek,
You tell on yourself –  in the manner you speak,
You tell on yourself  – by the way you spend your time,
You tell on yourself – by the way you spend your dollar or dime.

This poem goes on to include-
the way we  laugh; talk; what we wear
and the books we read.

Do our actions reflect God and has it impacted  our lives?

Is there anything we need to change? .
Pray for strength to stand for whats  right.

“Thanksgiving– 2” My 100th Blog!



“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”
1 Thessalonians  5:16-18

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication,
with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God”
Philippians 4:6

“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers,
intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men”
1 Timothy 2:1

Thanksgiving Day, as celebrated in North America,is a time to gather with family and friends
to give thanks for the many blessings enjoyed by these nations and their citizens.
However, to many people, its meaning is lost. It has become simply another day for huge meals,
dinner parties, get -together’s or reunions.
What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

I hope and Pray that Thanksgiving –
Is to remember how the Lord has blessed you and you families

Happy – Day that the Lord has blessed.

I Have Got A Lot To Be THANKFUL For – This Is My 100th Blog!!
Thank you for reading my Journal

joy do noy


“Thanksgiving Day”.



Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord from the heavens;
Praise Him in the heights!..”
Psalms 148 : 1-5

What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving?
Do you picture a time of thankfulness toward God—
or is it merely one of eating,
partying or watching football?

Sadly, the latter is what
Thanksgiving has become to most.
They have forgotten why the day was established.
Its meaning has slowly deteriorated,
and is now almost completely lost

While many are familiar with the
traditional representation
of the original Thanksgiving,
It is helpful to examine the purpose
for which it was first celebrated.
By doing this, the day’s meaning
will be firmly established.

May God grant that He may find us
grateful every day for all of His gifts,
spiritual and material.
“God is good, and every good gift comes from Him”
(James 1:17).

For those who know Christ-
“God also works everything together for good,
even events we would not necessarily consider good.”
(Romans 8:28-30).
May He find us to be His grateful children.
There is always something to be “Thankful for”,
regardless of our circumstances
– Look for things to be grateful.

I wish all my friends and relatives in USA –

A great Thanksgiving Day today.



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Health in Happiness….


“A joyful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”
Proverbs 17 : 22

Again and again experience and now even science,
has proved that people can improve their health by change of attitude.
“Between the mind and the body there is a mysterious and wonderful relation.
They react upon each other.”
(Councils on Health, p.122)

Norman Cousins,  former editor of Review of Literature,
had a serious and potentially fatal disease.
When the doctor’s could not help him-
he began taking the “merry heart” medicine described in our text.
He secured all the humorous books that he could find
and concentrated  on making himself laugh.
After recovering he claimed that he  had  -laughed himself to health.

If laughter had a positive effects as this –
what will it do in the life of a Christian, who has additional resources-?
Such as the  spirit of “gratitude and praise”  that center  on Jesus?
If focusing on funny things was effective, wouldn’t dwelling on everything that is
noble , good and pure be even more beneficial?
A happy and positive attitude is a powerful mechanism for harmful stress .

Paul said – in – Philippians  4:8
“And now my friends,  all that is true,  all that is noble,
all that is just and pure,  all that is lovable and gracious,
whatever is excellent and admirable – fill all your thoughts with these things.”

Choose to PRAISE  with gladness – at every opportunity.
We know that unseen agencies walk with us-
both on the mountaintops of joy and in the valleys of tribulations.

With God in us,  help us to have  – a thankful  and a life of praise in our daily living .

Have a Blessed Day



 Finding Peace.

Daily Living

His goal is  to make you happy- His goal is to make you HIS.

His goal is not to give you what you want-

His goal is to give you what you need.  I want His Peace.

God says- “I am with you always – blessing and helping you.
Take ‘JOY’ wherever you go and pass every blessing on.
Love can and does go  round the world  – So pass it one to another.”

“Shed a little ‘sunshine’ – in the heart of someone –
That one is cheered to pass it on.

Be ‘transmitters’ –  of  love and laughter.
Always seek to understand others and you cannot fail to love them.”

I want to see myself – in the dull,  the uninteresting,  and unhappy.
I want to see myself in the laughter of children
and in the sweetness of old age,
in the courage of youth and  patient with those in a hurry.

Have Peace in the Lord.

p on earth