God is in Control…




All eyes and cameras turned to the heavens over tropical north Queensland as the moon began moving between the Earth and the sun, like a small bite which gradually increases in size.

Cloud cover threatened to spoil the party and huge cheers erupted when they parted to give tens of thousands of eclipse hunters a perfect view of totality –
when the moon completely covers the sun and a faint halo or corona appears.

“Wow, insects and birds gone quiet,” one tourist, Geoff Scott, tweeted. Another, Stuart Clark, said: “This it it. Totality now. Utterly beautiful.”

The path of the eclipse got under way shortly after daybreak when the moon’s shadow, or umbra, fell in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park in the Northern Territory, east of Darwin.

What a wonderful sight the world beheld on
November 14th 2012 at 06:37 Hrs. in Northern Queensland.

As all eyes gazed at this sight – I wonder how many thought of God – and thanked Him for being in Control of the Universe – Holding everything in His hands.

Where does today find you?  What are the circumstances of your life?  We are living through challenging times; What do you know about – “waiting, suffering, trusting and persevering” – than you used to?   Are you stronger in your FAITH  – in your TRUST in GOD?   This growth makes you much more effective  in living your life and helping others.

By GOD’S Grace – you can do both with JOY…one day at a time.

Using the example of the ‘Total Eclipse of the sun’ – I pray-
Dear Lord, when You look at me- I pray that Your reflection shines through me- though it may be hard – help me to be willing to shine for you at each opportunity you send me. Amen 



5 thoughts on “God is in Control…

  1. Last night the daily devotional that I read led me to Colossians 1:17. I couldn’t help but notice that the message is very similar to that of Colossians 3:11 (as you posted above). This is definitely a word in season for me. Thank you!


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