Trusting in Jesus…


“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; the God of my rock;
in Him will i trust; He is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my Savior.”  2 Samuel 22: 2,3

David wrote these words after God had rescued him from Saul.
David had lived so long among the rocks  and hills as a fugitive
that he had become  used to hiding in inaccessible places.

David poured out his heart in thanksgiving  to God
-using words from his familiar surroundings,
such as “rocks,”-“fortress,”-“tower,”- and “refuge”.
His trust, faith and confidence in God was as sure as the rocks and hills.
He knew that whenever he needed he could flee to the Lord for help.

As David cast his cares on God- we too should trust God and give them to Him.
Often we doubt  Him instead of putting our full trust in the Lord.

Then there was the sick man at the Pool of Betheda  – he knew he could do nothing himself.
When Jesus called him , “Rise take up your bed and walk”, he believed.
Without  questioning  or doubting he got up on his feet – through faith believed  and was healed.
“He made the effort – God gave him the power,
He willed to walk and he did walk.”
(The Ministry of Healing. p 84)

Never forget that Christ  is always on our side to help us.
” ….. God who is rich in mercy, because of the great LOVE he had for us,
gave us life together with Christ.”
(Ephesians  2: 1-5)

Trust Him to give you the victory today.


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Thanks be to God


2 thoughts on “Trusting in Jesus…

  1. Hi Opal!
    Truly a pleasure to have been friends with you three sisters for so long. God bless you all and your families.
    Thanks for the beautiful messages you post so regularly.
    Just have to wait and see what happens on that day . We should be prepared at all times.
    Love, flo

    • Dearest Flo! Thank you for you note- you have been a fiend indeed! God bless u and your family – Jesus is the REASON for the season- and a Happy New Year. Love Op

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