The Rose of Sharon…



“I am the Rose of Sharon,the lily of the valley”.  Song of Solomon.

John Flavel’s book–  The Method of Grace – contains a wealth and ideas of Jesus that he draws from Scripture.
How interested are we in Jesus?
How real is He to us?
How much time do we spend contemplating on Him each day?
Do we study who He is, what He did- and what He is doing now?

Christ is truly the Rose of Sharon – The incomparable one.
Saturate our minds and hearts with His goodness.
His LOVE and His willingness to help us through life.
The scent of His Spirit through us will bless the lives of those around us.

Referring to  J. Flavel’s book- “Christ altogether lovely” – Flavel makes theses points:-

1. It excludes all unloveliness –  His creation though today has become imperfect.
2.  Everything about Jesus is lovely –
“His price is above rubies and nothing we might desire could ever compare with Him. (Proverbs 8:11)
3. He is the sum of all things lovely.-
“For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell  in Him”. (Colossians  1:19)

J. Flavel says -“Fix your eyes on all created beings and you will observe:-

strength in one;  beauty in a second;  faithfulness in a third;  and wisdom in a fourth.
But none excel in everything like – Christ does.

Flavel describes Him – as the ‘Bread’ to the hungry; ‘Water’ to the thirsty;
a ‘Garment’ to  the naked;  a ‘Healer’ to the wounded;  and everything else that anyone may desire.

What does Jesus mean to me / you today?

As we near the end of another year – I want to look back at what God has done for me –
Even though I lost a brother – He gave me travelling mercies to spend time with his family in Canada.
He gave me a beautiful Grand- son Layth this year; and lovely 3 year old Aliyah.
And He gave me time in the UK with my family and friends-
And many more good things.
God  is so wonderful and he is everything to me.


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