“I will GUIDE you- “……{Promise}

Guide thee


“……. I am ready to preach the Gospel…. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation to every one that believes……”
Romans 1:14-16

The Apostle Paul- looked upon the world and saw it filled with
radical hatred, immorality, hypocrisy, wars and pain.
He saw people who were unhappy, hopeless, and confused.
And he said – “I am in debt to all these people”

But Paul did not feel this debt towards people-
until the day he was  on his way to Damascus from Jerusalem-
When he had a very real encounter with Jesus.
In that experience he saw that ‘heavenly ‘light’- that transformed his life.
It was a mission that remained clear to him till the end of his days.

Prior to this encounter- Paul was a zealous proud Pharisee –
He had papers of authority – to accuse , persecute , put in jail and even to kill –
Followers of Christ

Paul’s encounter that day  changed the direction his life-
It brought him freedom from -envy, hatred and bigotry-
It filled his heart with Love!

It gave him ‘Peace of mind  and a Purpose for living-‘.
He realized he had received something of great value-
which made him feel a ‘debtor  to all mankind’.

He was indebted to the Christians who later accepted and loved him-
and to the non- Christians who had not had the chance to experience
the riches of God’s love in Christ Jesus.

Paul from then on felt he owed it to everybody
to share with them what God had given him.

Do we have that feeling?- To share with others what God has done for you / me?

Help me Lord- to let You guide me –  instruct and teach me –
to do something for someone –
And to show them your LOVE.
We only have to do what we can – Take every opportunity given to us-




“Joy And Hope..”

God of hope


“And these things we write to you that
your JOY may be full.”
1  John 1 : 4

Invite Christ into your life –
so you can have this JOY- He promises.

Because He is the source of JOY
we have this assurance.

When we have a close relationship with  Him,
this gives us joy, – regardless of our circumstances.
Surrounded by all kinds of problems –
it is not always easy to be joyful.
The Joy of the Christian is
not the fruit of circumstances,
but the fruit of the Spirit.

Psalms  16 : 11
-” You will show me the path of life –
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forever more.”

 Talking about the vine and the branches –
Jesus gave His reason for this Parable —
“These things I have spoken to you ,
that your JOY may remain in you,
and that your JOY may be full.”  John 15 : 11
It means the source of our joy is our union with Christ.

Someone has taken the word JOY apart –
J stands for Jesus;
O stands for nothing;
Y stands for You.
JESUS – and YOU-  and NOTHING  between – That is  JOY!.

Another version is Jesus first-  Other’s next  and You last.

I hope that you and I can have the Joy of knowing Jesus daily –
which gives Hope.

Wishing you a Happy Sabbath-

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“I Change Not…..”(Promise’s)


still waters

“Our Lord and our God— Without Your help
we cannot face the YEAR before us”

“I am the Lord-  All powerful and I never change” Malachi 3:6

God stands between the year past and the one before us.
The Light of His Presence is set before this year ahead of us.
Over the past year He hides our trouble, sorrow and disappointment.
Dwell not on the past only on the present. Store the Blessings from the past.
Encourage yourself by the thought of these.

Bury your fears for the future-  poverty to some-  suffering or loss.
Thoughts of unkindness,  your bitterness and dislikes-
Your sense of failure , disappointments-  your gloom and despondency-
Let us leave it ALL BEHIND and go forward in this New Year.

Remember- not to see the future as the world does.
God holds this Year in His hands –
We have to trust Him.He has promised to guide us daily if we let Him.

Rest in Him- for He will give us the wisdom and strength
to face what ever comes our way
It is us that needs to change for the better

Keep God in my / your life –  He will NOT fail us.

Wishing you a Blessed Sabbath.

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o lord my god


“Be still- and know that I am God”….

Peace be still


“Be still and know that I am  God:
I will be exalted among the nations.
I will be exalted in the earth!”
Psalms  46 : 10

It is good to spend time in the morning –
and frequently during the day-
to remember that God is in control of  our lives-
only if we will asked Him.

At this time all over the country
there is so much strife and disaster
like fires and floods-

If we are close to God daily be assured
that He is in control.
Many times when at first life seems the worst
that could happen to us,
proves later to be the best;

As this story illustrates.

The only survivor of a shipwreck
made his way ashore on a deserted island.
After building a crude hut to shelter himself
from the elements-
he prayed to God for deliverance –
He scanned the horizon each day in vain
each day in search of a passing ship.

On day, as he returned home after
searching for food,
he was horrified to find his hut in flames.
The little he had was going up in smoke!
To him the worst had happened
– Or so it appeared.

To the man’s limited vision
it was the worst thing to happen-
But to God’s infinite wisdom-
the man’s loss was for the best-
The very next day a ship arrived.
“We saw your smoke signal”.
The captain announced.

A example that reminds us –
that even when we feel abandoned –
God knows our needs- and He will
provide it even before we ask!

As we go through life facing-
problems, confusion and stress –
At such times we need to remember
God is always there for us.

Wishing you a Blessed Sabbath- 

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be still

Petition (God’s Promise’s)



Petition ~ Is asking God for help in our need.
It expresses our dependence  on God. Christ’s model PRAYER – contains 7 petitions.
Like the 10 commandments they are divided into 2 parts.  
Matthew 6 : 9-13

The first 3 recognizes God’s authority and greatness –

1. “Hallowed be Your name..”

2. “Your kingdom come..”

3.”Your will be done ..”

 And the last 4 deal with human needs and our dependency on God.

4. “Give us this day our daily bread..”

5. “Forgive us our debts..”

6. Do not lead us into temptation..”

7, “Deliver us from the evil one..”

God invites us to ask and promises we will
receive depending on our unselfish motives.
Asking in Faith and in Jesus’ name – It must be as God’s will.

Sometimes  – we do not always get what we ask for-
and there are various reasons for this.
God knows the timing is not right; so He says – “Wait awhile”.
Other times we may have the wrong motives –

“You ask and do not receive because you ask amiss,
that you may spend it on your pleasure.” (James 4:3)

George Muller – asked God to provide
daily bread for more than 2.000 orphan children in England.
His motives being unselfish – so his prayers produced results.
He received much because of his trust in God’s provision.

“But let us ask in faith, with no doubting,
for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven by the wind.”
James 1: 6.

I know that God is so loving – and promises our petitions –
He has given us a ‘model’ prayer. So ask in Faith.