“Joy And Hope..”

God of hope


“And these things we write to you that
your JOY may be full.”
1  John 1 : 4

Invite Christ into your life –
so you can have this JOY- He promises.

Because He is the source of JOY
we have this assurance.

When we have a close relationship with  Him,
this gives us joy, – regardless of our circumstances.
Surrounded by all kinds of problems –
it is not always easy to be joyful.
The Joy of the Christian is
not the fruit of circumstances,
but the fruit of the Spirit.

Psalms  16 : 11
-” You will show me the path of life –
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forever more.”

 Talking about the vine and the branches –
Jesus gave His reason for this Parable —
“These things I have spoken to you ,
that your JOY may remain in you,
and that your JOY may be full.”  John 15 : 11
It means the source of our joy is our union with Christ.

Someone has taken the word JOY apart –
J stands for Jesus;
O stands for nothing;
Y stands for You.
JESUS – and YOU-  and NOTHING  between – That is  JOY!.

Another version is Jesus first-  Other’s next  and You last.

I hope that you and I can have the Joy of knowing Jesus daily –
which gives Hope.

Wishing you a Happy Sabbath-

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