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I am the lord



“Give me tomorrow…”

mountains be shaken


“Now my days are swifter than a runner;  they flee away, they see no good.
They slip by like reed boats,  like an eagle that swoops on its prey.

Job 9 : 25-26  (NASB)

Life at best is short.
Job’s descriptive language of life’s swiftness includes- ‘runners; boats and an eagle.
It seems -when we finally seem prepared to fully live life- it departs from us.
For most- our retirement years- speeds up even faster.

In view of the fleeting of time – wouldn’t it be well to make the best of our time.
Savor  every minute of life by looking for ways to be an honor to God
and a blessing to others.
TIME ,  like all lost opportunities, never returns.
This is your moment now- tomorrow may never come.

During the Korean War, when US Troops, facing enormous odds,
they had to retreat in subzero weather-
When a soldier was asked – ” If God could grant you anything you wished,
what would you most like to have?”
His famous answer-
Give me tomorrow’ – was widely broadcast and remembered.

It is interesting to note-
that Job’s pain caused him to wish he had never been born.
Then when he felt better- he complained that life was swifter than  a swooping eagle.
His emotions then are the same as  peoples today
…”Wise in heart, and mighty in strength, who has defined Him without harm.”
{ Job 9:3-4 }

Job could only trust in God’s goodness and believe that someday –
God would make things plain.
We too, do not understand the Lord’s ways,
but we can trust His LOVE and His PROMISES for us.
Ask ourselves-  “Do we??”

The caption  above / below are wonderful Promises  of what God does for us – Thank you Lord.


“I will meet your every need….” (Promise)

meet your every need


God’s promises fall into four distinct groups:-

1. Promises of Spiritual blessings.

2. Promises of material blessings.

3. Promises of deliverance and preservation.

4. Promises of wisdom and guidance.

Under  – Promises of spiritual blessings-
would come cleansing; comfort; joy; mercy; overcoming;  pardon and peace.
Such blessings are like precious jewels in His storehouse.

Too often when we read of promised material blessings – we think in terms of material benefits –
such  as health and wealth,  and when they are not immediately forthcoming – we feel forsaken.
When we seek for spiritual blessings first– our problems would be solved.

When we ask God for  blessings –  for deliverance and preservation
we must add-  “Not my will but Yours be done.”
Sometimes-  God knows what we need and what is best for us.

When we pray for spiritual blessings – for wisdom and guidance
We can be assured –  He instructs us to seek first for these blessings
– of the kingdom and His righteousness.  He promises to respond.

Moses prayed that he might live a little longer so he could go into the Promised Land-
But he died alone on Mount Nebo.
Elijah prayed that he may die- but he lived .
God planned for Moses a special resurrection,  and he intended for Elijah-
to go to heaven without experiencing death.

The Lord had purposes for Moses and Elijah that were far beyond what they could ask or think!
He has a plan and a purpose for us too-  if we will ask.

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly
above all that we ask or think,
according to His power that works in us,
to Him be glory… ” Ephesians  3 : 20,21

God is love

Whose Valentine are you??……

Rose red



The beautiful ‘ Love Story’ of Rebekah and Isaac is one of the most moving and romantic scenes found in the Bible.
Isaac has lost his mother and his old father Abraham  was growing feeble.
Feeling the urgency of finding a wife for his son- Abraham asked his trusted and godly servant-
Eliezer, to choose a wife for his son.  So his thoughts turned towards his relatives 500 miles who were serving God.

Eliezer,  aware of his responsibility and with his 10 camel train loaded with gifts,
– arrived at the well outside the Town of Nabor.  He was tired, dusty and thirsty.
There he tested God by praying that the girl who would offer water to him and his camel train
would be the woman to marry Isaac.

And then – Rebekah arrived at the well- she was the grand- daughter of Abraham’s brother Nahor;
Not only did she offer him a drink- but she watered all 10 of his camels.
Eliezer was stunned how the Lord had answered his prayer in detail so quickly.

When she took Eliezer to meet her father Laben and her family- he told them of his mission.
Her father realizing God’s leading said that if it was Rabekah’s choice she should return to Canaan with him.
She showed courage, maturity and an unselfish spirit- and without hesitstion reesponded-
“I will go”.  She believed that from what had happened God had selected her.

Back in Canaan – Isaac as usual went out into the fields to meditate.
Probably Isaac prayed for the safe return  of  Eliezer and his train- and also  included his fathers request.
As he looked up he saw the Caravan approaching.
Rebekah  – when she saw Isaac –  she dismounted and covered her face- which was her custom.
Even though they were strangers – both felt God had a hand in this and soon they would marry.

Was it LOVE at first sight??  When she saw Isaac- she fell in love with him and likewise Rebekah won his heart.

A Marriage designed in heaven. (Genesis ch 24 )

“Happy Valentines Day”- And God’s Blessings- 

I dedicate this to my husband- I said-” I will go”– with expectations & Faith!!!!


“Creator ” – becomes part of Creation…

I have been cr


“In the beginning was the Word-  and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God…..
All things came into being through Him.
and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being …
And the Word became flesh,  and dwelt among us –
And we beheld his Glory…
full of grace and truth…”.
John  1 : 1-14.

It sure is hard to understand these Verses –
John,  is saying that Jesus is God and that this Jesus-God
made everything that has come into existence.
We can understand some of this to a degree-
But what follows is beyond human  comprehension.

This same Jesus – God,  after creating our world-
now through a mysterious,  unexplainable  act
becomes part of creation itself.
He is the God – man,- forever identified with fallen human beings
in order to Redeem us!

In Eden – Jesus created all life-
In Bethlehem He became part of His OWN Creation.

In Eden – Adam stood tall in God’s image. –
In Eden created-man was given the “Tree of life”.
At Calvary –  created-man  gave Christ the  ‘tree of death’.

In Eden – Adam stood tall in God’s image.-
But at Calvary the Second Adam,
with nails and thorns piercing His flesh,
died as a common criminal.

Here is LOVE – that cannot be explained or comprehended,
only experienced and shared.
It is LOVE that cannot be fully grasped  but only accepted.
In Christ – Creation and Salvation meet and are cemented together
with His precious blood.

To downplay or ignore the record of Creation
in the first three Chapters of Genesis  – is to distract from Calvary itself.
Christ in six 24 hour days spoke all life into existence –
except man- whom He formed in His image.
Ever since, He is speaking ‘new life’  into us
and re- creating us into His image.

By Him  becoming flesh and walking here on earth  with humans for 33 years-
we have the marvelous hope that  “Eden” will soon be restored.

We have to praise  Him – for  His incarnation at Bethlehem.


G Shep

“A People’s Person”!……….

seek Him


“If it is possible – as much as depends on you,
live peacefully with all men.”  Romans 12 : 18

In order to have friends – we must be friendly and willing to give of ourselves.
In order to make friends, we must take some initiative.
However, many well meaning people with habits that repel others
wonder why they don’t have more friends.

Some people with socially unacceptable habit patterns – includes the critic,
or gossip – back biting,  you might be one of his victims.;
The person who talks continually about himself;  boasting of his ideas , exploits and plans;
The individual who lacks the good judgement to respect the privacy of others. –
asking question that are none of his business;
The argumentative , justifying person- Who is always right; chronic complainer,
and the person who gives the impression  that he is using people to his own personal advantage.

The sad part about those who repel-
rather than attract others is that they often have  many wonderful qualities;
but they lack the the sensitivity to discern what is socially acceptable and what is not.
They need to find and use these qualities.

As an example-
A learner driver at the end of a driving lesson- said to his instructor –
“This is easy! There is really nothing to this.”
The Instructor didn’t comment- but suggested they go from the quiet country road
into the the rush-hour traffic.
In a few short minutes beads of perspiration were rolling down the students brow.
Impatient drivers honked and cut in front him.
When he finally returned to the country road –
He said to the Instructor, mopping his brow—  
“It would be OK- if it were not for the other people”

Well, that’s often the way it seems in life-.
Most of our problems are people problems.
Let us try to be part of the solution rather than the problem.
Let God make us willing to change- and He will make us easy to live with others..

“Great peace have those who love Your law,
and nothing causes them to stumble.”
Psalms 119: 165


“Knowledge and Understanding”……….

i am able


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.
And the Knowledge of the Holy One is Understanding.”
Proverbs 9 : 10 

Some have the special gift  of giving
They contribute their resources joyfully in order to advance God’s work.

The gift of health and healing –
is a special ability God gives to people to guide others –
to restoration or preservation of physical, mental and Spiritual health

The gift of helps  or helping
-enables a person to see practical needs and fill them.
It is a beautiful gift that aids others to minister more effectively,
because someone was there to assist.

The gift of hospitality –
Leads those who have it to open their homes,
and people who enter feel welcome
and receive both physical and spiritual refreshment.

These GIFTS mentioned are related to service
It can be related to revealing the LOVE of Christ to others-
leading them to know God better.

The gift of knowledge – 
is the ability to store and recall things studied.
For the Christian who studies God’s Word-
it has the added dimensions  of Understanding.
It will help men and women to be blessed and will lead others
to have a closer experience with God their Creator;  Friend  and  Savior.

You may know someone- or you may be that person with these Special Gifts-
Consider it to be “special “- God has chosen you so that you can use your special gift for Him.

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