“Knowledge and Understanding”……….

i am able


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.
And the Knowledge of the Holy One is Understanding.”
Proverbs 9 : 10 

Some have the special gift  of giving
They contribute their resources joyfully in order to advance God’s work.

The gift of health and healing –
is a special ability God gives to people to guide others –
to restoration or preservation of physical, mental and Spiritual health

The gift of helps  or helping
-enables a person to see practical needs and fill them.
It is a beautiful gift that aids others to minister more effectively,
because someone was there to assist.

The gift of hospitality –
Leads those who have it to open their homes,
and people who enter feel welcome
and receive both physical and spiritual refreshment.

These GIFTS mentioned are related to service
It can be related to revealing the LOVE of Christ to others-
leading them to know God better.

The gift of knowledge – 
is the ability to store and recall things studied.
For the Christian who studies God’s Word-
it has the added dimensions  of Understanding.
It will help men and women to be blessed and will lead others
to have a closer experience with God their Creator;  Friend  and  Savior.

You may know someone- or you may be that person with these Special Gifts-
Consider it to be “special “- God has chosen you so that you can use your special gift for Him.



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