“A People’s Person”!……….

seek Him


“If it is possible – as much as depends on you,
live peacefully with all men.”  Romans 12 : 18

In order to have friends – we must be friendly and willing to give of ourselves.
In order to make friends, we must take some initiative.
However, many well meaning people with habits that repel others
wonder why they don’t have more friends.

Some people with socially unacceptable habit patterns – includes the critic,
or gossip – back biting,  you might be one of his victims.;
The person who talks continually about himself;  boasting of his ideas , exploits and plans;
The individual who lacks the good judgement to respect the privacy of others. –
asking question that are none of his business;
The argumentative , justifying person- Who is always right; chronic complainer,
and the person who gives the impression  that he is using people to his own personal advantage.

The sad part about those who repel-
rather than attract others is that they often have  many wonderful qualities;
but they lack the the sensitivity to discern what is socially acceptable and what is not.
They need to find and use these qualities.

As an example-
A learner driver at the end of a driving lesson- said to his instructor –
“This is easy! There is really nothing to this.”
The Instructor didn’t comment- but suggested they go from the quiet country road
into the the rush-hour traffic.
In a few short minutes beads of perspiration were rolling down the students brow.
Impatient drivers honked and cut in front him.
When he finally returned to the country road –
He said to the Instructor, mopping his brow—  
“It would be OK- if it were not for the other people”

Well, that’s often the way it seems in life-.
Most of our problems are people problems.
Let us try to be part of the solution rather than the problem.
Let God make us willing to change- and He will make us easy to live with others..

“Great peace have those who love Your law,
and nothing causes them to stumble.”
Psalms 119: 165





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