“Creator ” – becomes part of Creation…

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“In the beginning was the Word-  and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God…..
All things came into being through Him.
and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being …
And the Word became flesh,  and dwelt among us –
And we beheld his Glory…
full of grace and truth…”.
John  1 : 1-14.

It sure is hard to understand these Verses –
John,  is saying that Jesus is God and that this Jesus-God
made everything that has come into existence.
We can understand some of this to a degree-
But what follows is beyond human  comprehension.

This same Jesus – God,  after creating our world-
now through a mysterious,  unexplainable  act
becomes part of creation itself.
He is the God – man,- forever identified with fallen human beings
in order to Redeem us!

In Eden – Jesus created all life-
In Bethlehem He became part of His OWN Creation.

In Eden – Adam stood tall in God’s image. –
In Eden created-man was given the “Tree of life”.
At Calvary –  created-man  gave Christ the  ‘tree of death’.

In Eden – Adam stood tall in God’s image.-
But at Calvary the Second Adam,
with nails and thorns piercing His flesh,
died as a common criminal.

Here is LOVE – that cannot be explained or comprehended,
only experienced and shared.
It is LOVE that cannot be fully grasped  but only accepted.
In Christ – Creation and Salvation meet and are cemented together
with His precious blood.

To downplay or ignore the record of Creation
in the first three Chapters of Genesis  – is to distract from Calvary itself.
Christ in six 24 hour days spoke all life into existence –
except man- whom He formed in His image.
Ever since, He is speaking ‘new life’  into us
and re- creating us into His image.

By Him  becoming flesh and walking here on earth  with humans for 33 years-
we have the marvelous hope that  “Eden” will soon be restored.

We have to praise  Him – for  His incarnation at Bethlehem.


G Shep



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