Whose Valentine are you??……

Rose red



The beautiful ‘ Love Story’ of Rebekah and Isaac is one of the most moving and romantic scenes found in the Bible.
Isaac has lost his mother and his old father Abraham  was growing feeble.
Feeling the urgency of finding a wife for his son- Abraham asked his trusted and godly servant-
Eliezer, to choose a wife for his son.  So his thoughts turned towards his relatives 500 miles who were serving God.

Eliezer,  aware of his responsibility and with his 10 camel train loaded with gifts,
– arrived at the well outside the Town of Nabor.  He was tired, dusty and thirsty.
There he tested God by praying that the girl who would offer water to him and his camel train
would be the woman to marry Isaac.

And then – Rebekah arrived at the well- she was the grand- daughter of Abraham’s brother Nahor;
Not only did she offer him a drink- but she watered all 10 of his camels.
Eliezer was stunned how the Lord had answered his prayer in detail so quickly.

When she took Eliezer to meet her father Laben and her family- he told them of his mission.
Her father realizing God’s leading said that if it was Rabekah’s choice she should return to Canaan with him.
She showed courage, maturity and an unselfish spirit- and without hesitstion reesponded-
“I will go”.  She believed that from what had happened God had selected her.

Back in Canaan – Isaac as usual went out into the fields to meditate.
Probably Isaac prayed for the safe return  of  Eliezer and his train- and also  included his fathers request.
As he looked up he saw the Caravan approaching.
Rebekah  – when she saw Isaac –  she dismounted and covered her face- which was her custom.
Even though they were strangers – both felt God had a hand in this and soon they would marry.

Was it LOVE at first sight??  When she saw Isaac- she fell in love with him and likewise Rebekah won his heart.

A Marriage designed in heaven. (Genesis ch 24 )

“Happy Valentines Day”- And God’s Blessings- 

I dedicate this to my husband- I said-” I will go”– with expectations & Faith!!!!





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