“I will meet your every need….” (Promise)

meet your every need


God’s promises fall into four distinct groups:-

1. Promises of Spiritual blessings.

2. Promises of material blessings.

3. Promises of deliverance and preservation.

4. Promises of wisdom and guidance.

Under  – Promises of spiritual blessings-
would come cleansing; comfort; joy; mercy; overcoming;  pardon and peace.
Such blessings are like precious jewels in His storehouse.

Too often when we read of promised material blessings – we think in terms of material benefits –
such  as health and wealth,  and when they are not immediately forthcoming – we feel forsaken.
When we seek for spiritual blessings first– our problems would be solved.

When we ask God for  blessings –  for deliverance and preservation
we must add-  “Not my will but Yours be done.”
Sometimes-  God knows what we need and what is best for us.

When we pray for spiritual blessings – for wisdom and guidance
We can be assured –  He instructs us to seek first for these blessings
– of the kingdom and His righteousness.  He promises to respond.

Moses prayed that he might live a little longer so he could go into the Promised Land-
But he died alone on Mount Nebo.
Elijah prayed that he may die- but he lived .
God planned for Moses a special resurrection,  and he intended for Elijah-
to go to heaven without experiencing death.

The Lord had purposes for Moses and Elijah that were far beyond what they could ask or think!
He has a plan and a purpose for us too-  if we will ask.

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly
above all that we ask or think,
according to His power that works in us,
to Him be glory… ” Ephesians  3 : 20,21

God is love




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