A Second Chance…..



“The word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time saying–
“Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and preach to it the message that I tell you.”
Jonah 3 : 1-2

While we have no second chance in terms of salvation beyond this life;
we do have a second chance in terms of service during this present life.

After his double sin of murder and adultery,
David wrote many of his most beautiful Psalms – including the twenty-third.
Peter preached  his Pentecost sermon and wrote both of his Epistles,
after he had denied the Lord three times.
John Mark was useful in the ministry after he gave up
in discouragement on his first missionary journey.
He later wrote the Gospel that bears his name- Mark.

God gave Jonah a second chance to preach in Nineveh – and great were the results.
Perhaps the key to his success was that-
he preached God’s message and not his own ideas.
“Preach… the message that I tell you.” {Jonah 3:2 }.
God has to speak to us before He can speak through us.

In chapter 1 – Jonah was running from God.
Chapter 2 – portrays him as running to God.
By chapter 3 – he was running with God,-
and in Chapter 4 – he was running ahead of God.

Chapter 1 tells of the disobedient Jonah;
Chapter 2 depicts him as the praying prophet;
In Chapter 3 he is the preaching prophet;-
and by Chapter 4 he was an unhappy prophet.

The open-ended closing of the story provides for each one of us
the opportunity of benefiting from Jonah’s experience
and having the story of our lives end as we would choose,

Consider some of the lessons to be learnt;
The path of self -will always leads downwards.
It is futile to resists God’s will.
One usually runs into a storm when one flees from God.
Eternal values are of more worth than material benefits.

So- Lord, help me to accept every opportunity given me- to do the best I can.

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