God’s concern for us….


Nothing too hard


“What is man that thou does magnify him,
and that Thou art concerned about him,
that Thou dost examine him every morning,
and try him every moment”.
Job 7 : 17,18

Does God really care for us?-
A question we often ask.
It disturbs us when death, sickness and problems strike us.

Job reminds us that God really cares about us.
And the Lord said to Satan-
“Have you considered my servant Job?
There is no one like him on the earth.
A blameless and upright man,
fearing God and turning away from evil.”
Job 1:8

Satan challenged God to remove His
hedge of protection from around Job.
He said – “Does Job fear you for nothing?
You have blessed him with every thing
a heart could desire.  
He has possessions,
a remarkable family known and admired.

He has few or no trials so he finds it easy to serve you.
But if You destroy all that he has,
he will surely curse You to Your face”.
Job 1:9-11

How would the Lord respond to Satan’s shocking and arrogant challenge?
But God knew Job and He had immense confidence in him.

The reality of this cosmic struggle between
the Lord and Satan over the salvation
of a soul is a lesson to learn from these verses.
This battle over every person on earth is as real as a war

Do not let our busy schedules blind us
to the reality of the daily warfare being fought over you. 

You will face trials and temptations –
Designed for you by Satan and permitted by the Lord –
Just cling to Jesus through prayer,
and studying His Word and trusting  His Promises.

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