“God is LOVE”..


” He who does not love does not know God,- For God is Love.”
1 John 4 : 8

We have heard it many times – about GOD’S LOVE.- But what does it really mean?

Think about God’s purpose in creating our planet and the people on it.
Picture the beauty of God’s perfect creation – when He pronounced it “very good.”

Try to imagine God’s anticipation of our perfect planet with ‘perfect people’.
Imagine Planet Earth’s joyful inhabitants with freedom to plan projects and pursue them-
without being hampered by accident; disease or death!!

And then sin entered and spoiled it all.
In creating humanity with freedom to choose,
God took the risk that in every advantage
man would abuse his freedom and make ‘wrong choices’.

As a loving Father- God did not stop loving man when he sinned.
God sent His Son Jesus- He died to save us from our sins.
It was at CALVARY that we find the mightiest manifestation of God’s LOVE.

The words of John 3:16 – Familiar to most of us-
but yet, how much do we know about its real meaning?
 “For God, so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”.

Every individual is responsible for how we use the ‘gift of free choice.’
In order to gain eternal life we must choose to accept Christ’s sacrifice
We also have to tell others – that we have a choice!
To know there is a choice – there is HOPE. 

God has a plan – and He wants us to share it .-
Remember to share John 3:16  with others.

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