” Following Christ” -Mary’s anointing.

saved by grace2


“She has done what she could.
She has come before hand to anoint My body for burial.”
Mark 14 : 8

On the Saturday {Sabbath} evening – before Jesus’s ‘Triumphal  Entry’ into Jerusalem,
Jesus attended a feast at Simon’s house- He had been healed by Jesus of leprosy.
It was on this occasion  that Mary came in uninvited-
and broke the alabaster box and anointed Jesus’ feet and head
with the costly spikenard ointment it contained.

While others criticized her act, Jesus defended her, saying
“Wherever this gospel is preached through out the whole world,
what this woman did will also be spoken of as a memorial to her
{Mark 14:9}

Why did Jesus give such emphasis to her deed?  Why did He say -‘tell about it everywhere’?
Consider 5 points :-
1. Mary was a sinner who had found forgiveness through Jesus.
2. She loved the savior very much.
3. She put her love into action.
4. She had a sense of urgency.
5. So she DID what she could.

Imagine- what would happen if every believer, would put their ‘love’ into ‘action’;-
and do what we are capable of doing to share with others the fragrance of God’s LOVE.
Think of the transformation it would produce in our lives,
as well as the blessings it would bring to others.
So just do what we can- where we are- with what we have.

Mary displayed the qualities – of someone who appreciated what Jesus had done for her.
We need His forgiveness and want to put our love into action.

What did Mary do?- The Bible says that she did what she could.
We all have different ‘gifts’ – so we need to use them to do something.

If we empowered by the Spirit of Christ would do what we could- think what would happen?
May He also say to us-“You have done what you could”.

I want to reflect on the Love of God – and what Christ did for me.
I hope you will get something  – as you too follow the “Life of Christ this week”.

Mary anointing the feet of Jesus–

Easter Mary

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