Easter week.. 3- “Fig Tree- without fruit”…


“And seeing a  fig tree by the road,  He came to it and found nothing on it but leaves,
and said to it,  – “Let no fruit grow on you again”
And immediately the fig tree withered away.”  
Matthew 21 : 19

{The barren fig tree}


A fig tree normally has fruit beginning to develop  before the leaves appear.
On the Monday morning of the Passion Week, as Jesus was returning to the Temple-
He saw a fig tree with leaves and no fruit.
Jesus the sustainer of life, withdrew life from the barren fig- as an acted parable.

That tree with its promising foliage, symbolized many in the Jewish nation.
Like the fig tree, they were impressive to outward appearance,
with its magnificent Temple and solemn ceremonies;
but it lacked the spiritual fruit it should be producing.

The same day- that Jesus cursed the barren fig tree-
He also drove the money changers out of the Temple;
-just as He had done once before earlier in His ministry.
The priests and money changers were greedily taking advantage
of the people’s need for Temple coins and animals for sacrifice.
They exploited the pilgrims who had come to worship.


As Jesus forced the money changers out of the Temple,
others were entering the Temple in search of the Healer,
and the blind, deaf, and crippled found healing.
They remained and were blessed.

It was on this Monday-{the 10th day of the Jewish month – Ex, 12:3}
that the Jew’s selected the Passover lamb.
It had to be a male without blemish – representing Jesus.
They kept the little lamb in their homes as a pet until it was sacrificed.

As evening came, Jesus once again left Jerusalem and returned to Bethany.
Try to imagine His thoughts as He reflected on the events of the day.
His people – the Jewish nation’s lack of spiritual fruit;
The merciless money changers;
And the sincere people who came seeking Him for healing and blessings;
And the spotless lamb.

God expects us to be spiritually fruitful for Him-
Telling others about His love ans sacrifice for us.
Fruit on this fig tree-





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