Easter week – 4. ” We would see Jesus”……

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Certain Greeks came up to the Temple to worship at the feast;
and asked Philip … “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.”
John 12 : 20-21

Jesus and His disciples returned to Jerusalem from Bethany –
It was Tuesday morning before the Passover.
Jesus went into the Temple to teach to the people.
The chief council of the Jews came to the Temple with a plan to accuse and condemn Him.
They approached Him with a challenge- “By what authority are You doing these things?”
{Matthew 21:23]
They asked Him several questions- but Jesus wisely countered them with a question
that faced them with a dilemma whichever way they might have answered it.

On this day He spoke to the people in Parables recorded in Matthew 21-25.
The two sons;  The wicked husbandman;
The Kings banquet for his son’s wedding;
The Fig Tree; The 10 Virgins;  and The Talents;

It was on this Tuesday- Christ’ last day in the Temple-
that the Greeks’ came seeking Jesus saying- “We would see Jesus”
They came from the West at the close of His ministry
just as the wise men came from the East at the beginning.
They had heard of the events of the last few days and they longed to hear the truth.
Jesus went into the outer court – and spent time talking with them.

The Greeks represented the nations from the western world,
from which many would come to know Jesus.
The gathering of the Gentiles- greatly encouraged Jesus,
at the very time when so many of His own people were rejecting Him.

Even today people are searching and asking the same thing- “We want to see Jesus.”

We may be the only ones  some people may see- May they see Jesus in us.

***********The 10 Virgins

P10 V


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