Easter week. 7. “The Ultimate SACRIFICE”- Friday.

Easter 1


Whoever therefore shall confess Me before men,
him , will I confess also before My Father,
which is in Heaven.”
Matthew 10 : 32

The events on  Day of Pentecost- Thursday night and Friday ~

1. In Gethsemane- The sleeping disciples awakened by a light surrounding Jesus.
They saw an angel ministering to Jesus.
They heard words spoken like sweet music- speaking words of comfort and hope.

2. The Betrayal – Roman soldiers, the priests and Judas meet Jesus and the disciples-
A divine light shone from His face and the mop fell down as dead men to the ground.
When they arose-Judas the betrayer did not forget the part he had to play.
When they entered the garden , Judas  takes Jesus’ hand as a friend and kisses Him.
“Whoever I shall kiss- the same is He”-
{Matthew 26:48}

3. Taken before Annas and Caiaphas – It was after midnight when the mob led
Jesus to the palace of Annas- the ex- high priest.
And then before Caiaphas.  He was accused of ‘blasphemy and sedition’.
This would cause Him to be guilty and worthy of death.

4. Sentenced-  But only the Roman authority -could sentence him to death-
So he was taken before Pilate and Herod.
Finally Pilate placed the responsibility on the people-
To choose between a criminal- Barabbas and Jesus –
The mob cried out- “Crucify Him”.
The choice was made – Barabbas was set free and Jesus was led to Calvary.

5. There  was a time to be silent and a time to speak.
A heavenly light illuminated His face.
“Nevertheless I say unto you- you shall see the heavens open
and the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power,
and coming in the clouds of heaven”.



6.  Prophecy according to Isaiah 53-  The crowds like wild beasts dragged Jesus away;
They stripped Him;  Mocked and scourged Him:
They put a purple robe on Him and a crown of thorns on His head
and a reed in His hand. They spat on Him and bowed the knee before Him saying-
“Hail King of the Jews”
Then they put His own clothes on Him and placed a cross upon Him
and led Him to Calvary.
When He could not carry it -Simon of Cyrene , was compelled to carry it.

7. Jesus Crucified – They brought Him to a place called Golgotha –
and there they Crucified Him  –
Nailed to a cross- between two thieves.
They cast lots and divided His garments-
And above His head they put a sign up-“This is the King of the Jews.”
It was about 9 o’clock in the morning- Jesus had had no sleep all night..

8.. Seven times Jesus spoke from the cross
~To the Jews and Roman Soldiers who condemned Him He said-
*” Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

~To the penitent thief on the cross –
*”Assuredly, I say to you today, you will be with Me in paradise.”

~ To His Mother and then to John-
*”Woman, behold your son”!  And to John– ” Behold  your mother.”

~ Feeling His separation from his Father – He said,
*”My God, My God- Why have you forsaken Me”?

~ According to Scripture, Jesus said-* “I thirst”

~ After refusing the vinegar they gave Him. – Jesus announced- *“It is finished.”

~ After six hours on the cross- Jesus said-
*”Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit.

“The thief said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into your kingdom”
Luke 23 : 42.

Jesus- was that Passover Lamb – Dying for mankind.

itis finished


Before sunset on Friday – Jesus was laid to rest in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.

There are more events that happened that day-{Shall be noted next time
– Let us ponder all these things that Christ suffered and died for you and me.

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