“He gave us an EXAMPLE”…..



“For you have been called for this purpose,
since Christ also suffered for you,
leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps,
who committed no sin,
nor was any deceit found in his mouth,”
1 Peter 2 : 21

Francis of Assisi invited a young man to accompany him
on a preaching  expedition through the city of Florence- Italy.
In silence they passed through one street after another
and eventually returned to their starting point.

“But, Father,” the young man said puzzled and disappointed.
“I thought we were going to preach?”
“We have preached,”  Francis replied. “We were observed as we walked.
They marked us as we walked- So it was we preached'”

There is nothing more powerful for good or evil than individual example.
Paul realized this when he wrote to Timothy-
“Let no one look down on your youthfulness,
but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity,
show yourself an example of those who believe.” {1 Timothy 4:12}

Jesus Himself proclaimed,
“For I gave you an example that you should also do as I did to you.”
{John 13:15}
Therefore, as messengers of God we must not put
programs and plans above character development-they must go together.

Character does not come naturally:
It must be worked at and maintained.
Malachi deals with this problems that-
even though it was for priests then- applies to us today.

Malachi 1:2. “I have loved you,”  says the Lord.
Tragically His people were blind to His love.
Insulting they ask “In what way do you love us?”
It is sad that sometimes God’s most favored people
are blind to His love and favor.
We should develop a spirit of constant praise, adoration and worship
– and spend time contemplating His LOVE.

As I stop and think- I see that His love has been exhibited in my life –
Regardless of what has happened in my life.

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