“Lest We Forget”….


Honoring the ‘Digger’s – on ANZAC  Day.

“I do not pray for these alone,
but also for those who will believe in Me through their word”.
John 17 : 20

1. War story-
A man was decorating an old grave with beautiful flowers-
Someone watching asked him,
“Is it your wife who lies here?”

The man explained, “No, but the man who lies here died in my place.
When the war broke between the states,
my name was drawn in the draft.
I had a wife and four little children who depended on me.
The man who lived on the next farm volunteered to go as my substitute.”
{Which was allowed in the Civil War.}

He went on to say,-“His mother was a widow, and he was her only son.
He went into the army in my place and died in action.
His mother has lived with our family since,
and it has been my privilege to care for her.
I support her just as her own boy would have done.
He died in my place, and I live in his place.

2. Another war story is told-
Of a ragged, dirty young man who knocked on a door of a farm house. {U.S.A.}
The lady. answered the door, and thought he was a tramp asking for a handout.
She said, “Go away, we don’t have time for tramps here.”
By this time her husband joined her at the door.
Looking at the unkempt stranger, he said,
“Go away, we do not want to be bothered.”

Reaching in his pocket, the young man produced a crumpled piece of paper
and handed it to the farmer. He read the following words.-
“Dear Mum and Dad, this is my friend who cared for me as I was dying on the battlefield.
Please. love him for my sake.” Signed “Harry.”

As we read these stories – we have to remember the “ONE” who died in our place.
Are we living to please ourselves? –
or are we living to please Him?
Jesus is saying – “LOVE them for My sake.”.

Think of our “Diggers” who went to war-
but never came back to their loved ones.
They have ‘paid the price for their country’.
May they get their reward.  R.I.P. 









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