“Christ’s Ascension to Heaven….”

let not urr heart be troubled


” …… This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven,
shall so come in like manner as you saw you go into heaven.”  Acts 1 : 11

Jesus spent forty days with his disciples after His resurrection.
He spoke to them about the kingdom of God.
He commissioned them  to bear testimony to the things which they had heard and seen.
He warned them that they would be persecuted and distressed,
but they would find comfort in the words he had spoken to them.
He gave them the power to work miracles.
Their lives could not be taken  until their mission was accomplished.

He gave them the “Promise” of   John 14: 1-4.  {As above}
His words sank deep into their hearts and they were saddened that they soon will be parted
Their hearts were warmed with love and joy- at this promise.
“He will send the Comforter, The Holy Spirit, to guide them into all truth.”
And he lifted up His hands and blessed them.”  Luke 24:50.

After that He was parted from them and taken up into Heaven.
As He led the way upwards-
the multitude who were raised at His resurrection followed Him.
A multitude of angels were with them escorting them to the City of God.

As the disciples gazed towards heaven to see their Lord ascending –
two angles clothed in white stood by them.
They assured them that He will come back in like manner.
The disciples and the mother of Jesus witnessed the ascension of the Son of God-
spent time talking about the glorious events of that day.

We have the same “Promise” today. Jesus has gone to prepare Mansions for us
– and He will come and take us there.
That where He is we will also be with Him.
“Draw near to Him and He will draw nigh to you”


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