“Worthy of PRAISE”….

whatever things

“As long as I live, I will sing and praise You,  the Lord God.
I hope my thoughts will please You,
because You are the one who makes me glad.”
Psalms 104 : 33-34  

Through the ages God has used “MUSIC”
to bring strength and encouragement to His people.
King Saul when perplexed- was calmed when
David played the harp to him.
During several ‘feasts’-the people of God,
accompanied by musical instruments-
were led in singing songs of triumph and praise.

God introduced ‘music’ from the beginning of time.
But Satan has taken it and completely changed it-
To draw masses to music which portraits violent images-
and it seems-‘ the louder the better’!

As Christians we know that “music
was made to serve a holy purpose,
to lift the thoughts of that which is pure,
noble and elevating, and to awaken in the soul
devotion and gratitude to God.” {P&P p 594}

The ways of the world increasingly portrays
a battlefield in our hearts to win in the great
struggle between good and evil.
It keeps the mind from eternal things.
It is increasingly portraying the wrong images-.
It targets preteens, teenagers, and the young people who listen,
buy and view this sort of ‘rock music’.

Let us promote God’s purpose in giving ‘music’ to humankind
by making what we listen to and play worthy of praise.
Take a moment to reflect on how MUSIC effects you mentally and spiritually.
Thank God for that which lifts your soul heavenward.


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Personal Testimony!.

Living wter well


“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and truth”. John 4:24

Jesus’ encounter with the “woman of  Samaria at the well”
is a well known ‘Testimony’ in
John  4: 1-42.
It is worth reading this story.
Jesus promised her- ‘living water’ – never to thirst again -and a new life.
She shared with others what she had experienced that day.
“Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever did.
Could this be the Christ?”
Then they went out of the City and came to Him. 

As Christian’s – we should know how to introduce some one to Christ
and to be able to ‘share our personal testimony.’
“This is what everyone can do whose heart
has been touched by the grace of God.” {Desire of Ages. p 340}
Jesus did not ask her to talk about herself, she did it herself
by relating her personal encounter with Jesus
and the things she heard and learnt from Him.

Sharing our personal experience-
“Heaven’s agency, for revealing Christ to the world….
These precious acknowledgements… when supported by a Christlike life,
have a power that works for the salvation of souls.” {E.G.White}

Sharing our ‘personal testimony’ is not our life story –
but its about our relationship with Christ.
It should have three parts.-
1.My life before I became a Christian.
2.How I accepted Jesus into my life.
3.What Jesus means to me in my daily life.

As we in a simple way tell others about our encounter with JESUS,
and how our relationship with Him has given us
a deeper understanding of the ‘love and peace’ He gives us….
It will attract many to the Lord.

Remember, your ‘Personal Testimony’ has an irresistible power.
“This is the witness for which our Lord calls,
and for want of which the world is perishing”. {E.G. White.}

I believe this woman was the ‘first Apostle’ to spread the “Good News.”
“And many of the Samaritans of that City
believed in Him because of the word of the woman who testified-
“He told me all that I ever did.” John 4:39

What a witness? The LORD wants us to do the same.

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Where Are You?? ………

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And He gives us the power to live, to move,  and to be who we are.
“We are His children,”  
  Acts 17 : 28

When God asked Adam the question -“Where are you?”
the question was for Adam’s benefit rather than God’s.
God knew where the ‘first man’ was, but He wanted to be sure that
Adam knew where he was. 

Where was Adam??  He was hiding from God because of a sense of guilt.
He was in a state of disobedience-
because he had made a decision on the the basis of what seemed right
to him in spite of the fact that God had said not to do it.

What about us?-  When God asks us the question- “Where are you?”
Does it make us stop and think?  Where are we in our spiritual life?
Are we living on “Popularity Street?”?
Cherishing honor and wanting recognition.
The desire to move in high social circles -experiencing  the ways of the world.
To live for ‘material things’- and  get
caught up in the pursuits of the world.

“Where your treasure is – there will your heart be also.” {Matthew  6:21}

To answer the question-“Where are you?” –
We have to find where our imagination drives us?
We have to examine the motives that prompt our ‘day dreams’ –
and so many other things in our lives-
that would stop us inviting God into our lives?
As we set our sights on Him – We can become like Him by beholding Him-

God knows where you are:  DO You??


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“Foundations are important…”

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“Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine,
and acts upon them,  may be compared to a wise man,
who built his house upon the “rock”.
Matthew 7 : 24

In the physical, mental and spiritual realm,
wise people build on rock- never on sand.
The foundation Rock, Jesus Christ,
is the only place upon which to build a life.
We sing the Hymn- “My hope is built on nothing less,”
which says- “On Christ the solid Rock,
I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”
{Hymnal  SDA- No.522}

Christ is our only hope a foundation that nothing can ever shake.
When we build our lives on Him;
the rains of stress, – sickness, – accidents, – hardship, –
privation, – injustice, – and loss of loved ones –
may jolt our lives, but we will not collapse.

And as the winds blow – winds of rejection,-
opposition, -slander, – insult, – temptation and ill treatment
– Our bodies, minds, and spirits may reel and tremble,
but we need not crumble in despair or defeat,
because our feet are planted firmly on the  “Rock of Ages.”
What is true in the physical – is also true in the spiritual.

David,- though hounded and haunted during his early life,
wrote of our Lord’s sustaining power;
“He brought me out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay;
and He set  my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm.
 And he put a new song in my mouth,
a song of praise to our God; many will see and fear,
and will trust in the Lord.” {Psalms 40: 2-3}

You can have complete confidence in our ‘Rock’ of salvation.
Stand on Him all day long and all life long.
Bless His precious name. – for He will guard our ways
and lead us safely through life-
even though winds of strife will plague us as long as life lasts.

Never – build on the “sand”- where your life is not safe-
and can only be sinking sand of destruction.





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“Let God use you….”

my vict


So the Lord said to him {Moses}, “What is that in your hand?
And he said,- “A rod.”  And He said, “Cast it on the ground.”
So he cast it on the ground and it became a serpent ;
and Moses fled from it.   Exodus 4 : 2-3

Moses had forgotten what he had in his hand, it had been there for so long.
For forty years he had been a shepherd  in the wilderness,
and all the time he had his faithful shepherds rod – or staff.
A handy tool for caring for the sheep.

“Cast it on the ground,”– God said. When Moses obeyed,
the rod became a serpent- and he fled from it.
The Lord then instructed Moses to take it by the tail-
leaving the dangerous part free to strike with its poisonous venom.
God wanted Israel’s future leader to trust Him
-To impress on man the lesson of Genesis 3:15.
‘The head on the serpent has already been bruised’.

When we, by our actions and attitudes depend on something
other than God for our security, we are in danger. “Let go of it.
The material things upon which we place our trust-.
When we surrender what we are and what we have to God-
He takes away that hidden danger-{the serpents}-
and gives back to us that which is for our best good.

He asks us- “What have you got in your hand?”
Perhaps- some talent that you have almost forgotten.
It could become a source of pride and self- glorification.
You let go of it, and God will return it as a gift to be employed for His glory.
It could be anything;  a cherished possession;
a consuming ambition or a human relationship.
What ever it is- God says, “Let go of it.
Trust me with it, and if it is according to My will, I will return it to you.”

We cannot claim anything as ours- until we have let it go-
and God has given it back to us again.

Whatever  we are holding on to – let us give it to the Lord –
He will take it and multiply it and give you such a blessing.


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