“Let God use you….”

my vict


So the Lord said to him {Moses}, “What is that in your hand?
And he said,- “A rod.”  And He said, “Cast it on the ground.”
So he cast it on the ground and it became a serpent ;
and Moses fled from it.   Exodus 4 : 2-3

Moses had forgotten what he had in his hand, it had been there for so long.
For forty years he had been a shepherd  in the wilderness,
and all the time he had his faithful shepherds rod – or staff.
A handy tool for caring for the sheep.

“Cast it on the ground,”– God said. When Moses obeyed,
the rod became a serpent- and he fled from it.
The Lord then instructed Moses to take it by the tail-
leaving the dangerous part free to strike with its poisonous venom.
God wanted Israel’s future leader to trust Him
-To impress on man the lesson of Genesis 3:15.
‘The head on the serpent has already been bruised’.

When we, by our actions and attitudes depend on something
other than God for our security, we are in danger. “Let go of it.
The material things upon which we place our trust-.
When we surrender what we are and what we have to God-
He takes away that hidden danger-{the serpents}-
and gives back to us that which is for our best good.

He asks us- “What have you got in your hand?”
Perhaps- some talent that you have almost forgotten.
It could become a source of pride and self- glorification.
You let go of it, and God will return it as a gift to be employed for His glory.
It could be anything;  a cherished possession;
a consuming ambition or a human relationship.
What ever it is- God says, “Let go of it.
Trust me with it, and if it is according to My will, I will return it to you.”

We cannot claim anything as ours- until we have let it go-
and God has given it back to us again.

Whatever  we are holding on to – let us give it to the Lord –
He will take it and multiply it and give you such a blessing.


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