Where Are You?? ………

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And He gives us the power to live, to move,  and to be who we are.
“We are His children,”  
  Acts 17 : 28

When God asked Adam the question -“Where are you?”
the question was for Adam’s benefit rather than God’s.
God knew where the ‘first man’ was, but He wanted to be sure that
Adam knew where he was. 

Where was Adam??  He was hiding from God because of a sense of guilt.
He was in a state of disobedience-
because he had made a decision on the the basis of what seemed right
to him in spite of the fact that God had said not to do it.

What about us?-  When God asks us the question- “Where are you?”
Does it make us stop and think?  Where are we in our spiritual life?
Are we living on “Popularity Street?”?
Cherishing honor and wanting recognition.
The desire to move in high social circles -experiencing  the ways of the world.
To live for ‘material things’- and  get
caught up in the pursuits of the world.

“Where your treasure is – there will your heart be also.” {Matthew  6:21}

To answer the question-“Where are you?” –
We have to find where our imagination drives us?
We have to examine the motives that prompt our ‘day dreams’ –
and so many other things in our lives-
that would stop us inviting God into our lives?
As we set our sights on Him – We can become like Him by beholding Him-

God knows where you are:  DO You??


joy do noy


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