Personal Testimony!.

Living wter well


“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and truth”. John 4:24

Jesus’ encounter with the “woman of  Samaria at the well”
is a well known ‘Testimony’ in
John  4: 1-42.
It is worth reading this story.
Jesus promised her- ‘living water’ – never to thirst again -and a new life.
She shared with others what she had experienced that day.
“Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever did.
Could this be the Christ?”
Then they went out of the City and came to Him. 

As Christian’s – we should know how to introduce some one to Christ
and to be able to ‘share our personal testimony.’
“This is what everyone can do whose heart
has been touched by the grace of God.” {Desire of Ages. p 340}
Jesus did not ask her to talk about herself, she did it herself
by relating her personal encounter with Jesus
and the things she heard and learnt from Him.

Sharing our personal experience-
“Heaven’s agency, for revealing Christ to the world….
These precious acknowledgements… when supported by a Christlike life,
have a power that works for the salvation of souls.” {E.G.White}

Sharing our ‘personal testimony’ is not our life story –
but its about our relationship with Christ.
It should have three parts.-
1.My life before I became a Christian.
2.How I accepted Jesus into my life.
3.What Jesus means to me in my daily life.

As we in a simple way tell others about our encounter with JESUS,
and how our relationship with Him has given us
a deeper understanding of the ‘love and peace’ He gives us….
It will attract many to the Lord.

Remember, your ‘Personal Testimony’ has an irresistible power.
“This is the witness for which our Lord calls,
and for want of which the world is perishing”. {E.G. White.}

I believe this woman was the ‘first Apostle’ to spread the “Good News.”
“And many of the Samaritans of that City
believed in Him because of the word of the woman who testified-
“He told me all that I ever did.” John 4:39

What a witness? The LORD wants us to do the same.

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