“Worthy of PRAISE”….

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“As long as I live, I will sing and praise You,  the Lord God.
I hope my thoughts will please You,
because You are the one who makes me glad.”
Psalms 104 : 33-34  

Through the ages God has used “MUSIC”
to bring strength and encouragement to His people.
King Saul when perplexed- was calmed when
David played the harp to him.
During several ‘feasts’-the people of God,
accompanied by musical instruments-
were led in singing songs of triumph and praise.

God introduced ‘music’ from the beginning of time.
But Satan has taken it and completely changed it-
To draw masses to music which portraits violent images-
and it seems-‘ the louder the better’!

As Christians we know that “music
was made to serve a holy purpose,
to lift the thoughts of that which is pure,
noble and elevating, and to awaken in the soul
devotion and gratitude to God.” {P&P p 594}

The ways of the world increasingly portrays
a battlefield in our hearts to win in the great
struggle between good and evil.
It keeps the mind from eternal things.
It is increasingly portraying the wrong images-.
It targets preteens, teenagers, and the young people who listen,
buy and view this sort of ‘rock music’.

Let us promote God’s purpose in giving ‘music’ to humankind
by making what we listen to and play worthy of praise.
Take a moment to reflect on how MUSIC effects you mentally and spiritually.
Thank God for that which lifts your soul heavenward.


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