“Surrender to Him”…

O Lord- Sabbath


“For this end we both labor and suffer reproach,
because we trust in the living God,
who is the savior of all men, especially on those who believe.”
 1 Timothy 4 : 10

“Self surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ.”
{The Desire of Ages p 523} 

To surrender is not easy in the Christian life.
It seems to involve risk, and that is why we fear it.

‘Surrender’-involves our acknowledgement that we cannot save ourselves.
The Holy Spirit can change and empower the surrendered life.

‘Surrender’-happens when we look at Calvary and see Jesus dying
there in our place on a cross that should have been ours.
It takes place when that cross becomes more important than our pride –
when we do not want to wound our savior again.

‘Surrender’ – happens when we reach the point when we know
that God  loves us so much, that we can trust Him
with all that we have and are.
It happens when we die to sin and self and yield
the control of our life into the hands of Jesus
and let Him live out His life in us.

“Surrender is to trust Him  fully..”



salvation 2


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