“The work of CHRIST”….

it is finished


“It is FINISHED!” – And bowing His head,  He gave up His Spirit.
John 19 :30

The Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke –
all tell us that Jesus died with a great shout upon His lips,
but they did not tell us what His last words were.
John, however, in his Gospel does that.

The original word is – Tetelestai –  “It is finished.” 

It was a farmer’s word.
When he inspected an addition to the herd or flock
and find that it is whole or perfect-
The farmer cried – ‘Tetelestai.’ 

It was an artist’s word.
When the painter or sculptor had put the last
finishing touches to his masterpiece
,he would stand back and survey it.
If he saw nothing for correction or improvement,
he would explain -‘Tetelestai!’

It was a priestly word.
When some devout worshiper with a heart filled with gratitude
brought a lamb to the temple as an offering,
the priest would inspect the the animal.
If he found it to be without spot or blemish,
he would proclaim – ‘Tetelestai.’

When God completed Creation,
He looked upon it and said that it was very good.
And when He completed the work of redemption,
He cried with a loud voice, – ‘Tetelestai!’
It was the same in both the Old and New Testaments.

It was the shout of victory,
and the word that John uses. ‘Tetelestai’. –
The finished work of Christ –
provides the motivation for a life of
dedication and obedience.

Just before sunset that “Friday” –
Jesus was laid to rest in the tomb.

Jesus had completed the task that
He came to this earth to do for mankind.
He rose on Sunday morning triumphant!

“I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in Me,
though he may die, he shall live.”
John 11:25 

May we be blessed in the assurance
that we too can have the “Victory – Tetelestai.”

To all Australian Fathers on Sunday.

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