“Power in the Blood…”

Easter - Ransom


And they overcame him, because of the blood of the Lamb
and because of the word of their testimony,
and they did not love their life even to death.
Revelation  12 : 11

Have we not struggled to overcome temptation?
Jesus’ perfection can make us feel hopeless.
If our salvation depended on our own, we are lost.
It is like chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
We can be thankful that our performance
is not the key to salvation.
If so salvation would be impossible!

The Bible warns us – to over come evil,  to reject the world,
and to walk the narrow way. So how do we overcome?
The Lord weaves about His willing people
threads to hold them in His life-giving control.
He does not use force,  but rather that we need to accept
the strands of strength He gives us to overcome temptations.

As the above Bible Text refers -the major strand-
is the blood of the Lamb.

As the human blood contains different
varieties of cells that fight for our lives –
So, the blood of Christ in a spiritual sense –
builds up our weakness and impurities,
and fights for our very lives.
By faith, when we accept Him, we become motivated
through the Spirit to obey right and reject wrong.

If we concentrate on what the
shed blood of Jesus really means -“
it makes a powerful impact on our minds.
It reminds us that – ‘God the Son’
poured his lifeblood for us , helps us turn against evil.
It glorifies right and encourages us to reject wrong.

Meditate on the words of the Hymn-
“Power in the Blood”-
“Would you o’er evil a victory win?
Would you be free from your passion and pride?…
Would you live daily His praises to sing?

Then the response to these questions is-
“There is pow’r,  pow’r,  wonder-working pow’r.
In the precious blood of the lamb.

We are grateful, overwhelmed and thankful to Him
who shed His wonder-working blood for us.


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Holy SP



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