God’s LOVE in Creation…..

Do u not kn


“Do we not all have ONE Father?  Has not ONE God created us?” Malachi 2 : 10

Every manifestation of creative power in an expression of infinite LOVE.”  {P&P p 33} 
Whether it be a newborn baby or a whole host of stars,
in everything God expresses His infinite Love.

The whole world is a ‘nursery’.  Life is Love.
Life is sacred. Life is spiritual.
Thank God for it and Praise Him for His creation.
Why?  Our Creator- God of love brought life into existence.
From Him comes every intellectual and  artistic talent,
every emotional capacity, every gift of grace and love.

Genuine life – life breathed into all of us by a loving Creator –
has an awe and grandeur beyond comprehension.
God created all of us out of LOVE.
And through the process of human reproduction,
we share in that grandeur and wonder as we have the opportunity
to bring new life into existence because of love-

How great is our God.  – How mighty and awesome.
He brought mankind and the world into existence
– so we can have the opportunity of living eternally with him.


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God of hope



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