“Gaining New Strength”…



But those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40 : 31

Last week i spoke about “Waiting on the Lord”
And here is another promise for those who WAIT on the Lord.
What does it mean to ‘wait on the Lord?
It means to enter into a relationship with God, To rest  in Him:
Surrender to His will for our lives because
we know we can have complete confidence in Him.

Our time of waiting upon the Lord may be during
our worship – as we renew our minds.
Prayer is a relationship – a bridge that takes us away
from the things of the world – to a special time with God.

In sitting at the feet of Jesus –
Mary demonstrated the “one thing” we need.
What Martha, her sister needed was a calm, devotional spirit,
and a knowledge for the future.
She needed less anxiety for the things which would pass away,
and more for those things that endure forever.
We need like Mary- to spend time
listening to the Lord – through reading His word.

We should thank Jesus for His love to us.
Thank Him for His promise that
new strength is ours if we wait on the Lord.

Wishing you a “Blessed Sabbath”

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pure in heart


“GOD will take Care of YOU!”..

do not fear


“Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage;
And He shall strengthen your heart.
Wait I  say on the Lord.”
Psalms 27 : 14

These are good and sobering words-
and there are so many words to uplift and
strengthen us in God’s Word;
during the times we are going through hardships.

No, some of us – have no idea of what some folk
are going through right now.
Our hearts and prayers and thoughts go out to the many
who have lost homes and property due to fires;
Young lives taken away:
Innocent people gunned down or killed in plane crashes –
In just one month!!

Hard to imagine that even in your troubles and hard times-
God is with you. And may you be blessed.

It is hard to be grateful when things are going wrong-
But gratitude in all circumstances is an
incredible quality within our reach – when we love God.

Be encouraged during difficult times- because
God knows about your joys and your sorrows.
He knows your strengths and weaknesses.
He is aware of all the challenges you face.
He knows your pain and sees your tears.
So take some hope and encouragement to know that
no matter what life has dealt you – you are not alone.

There are so many distressing evens
happening all around us daily.-
God’s tender care is with you-
even if at this time it is hard to understand.

He will take care of our every need.-

Our hearts and Prayers are with those
who are hurting- 
“Father God, there is so much pain and suffering all around us-
It is hard to understand why life is so hard at times
– But I am so thankful to know that You
are in charge of the whole universe.
I am so glad I know You-
You give me strength to endure –
and I praise You.- Amen.

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joy do noy


My refuge

“Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name;
worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”
Psalms 29 : 2 

All people worship something. –
We simply choose whom or what – we worship!

Someone defined worship – as offering our lives
and all that we are to God each day.
Worship is honor and adoration given to God.

Worship begins with meditation.
As we focus on God’s Word;
we will discover spiritual truth.
Meditation leads to praise –
and giving praise to God is worship

The theme of worship runs through the Bible.
The fall of the human race occurred when
Adam and Eve failed in honoring God.
The first murder occurred when Cain failed
to render to God acceptable worship.
The climax of the struggle between good and evil
is an issue over TRUE and false worship.
True WORSHIP – can take place anywhere and at any time –
Not only in a building like a church.

What does worship mean to us
and how often do we really worship?

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p je

Those who search will find Him…

God's grace


“O God, you are my God; early will I seek You;
my soul thirsts for You;  my flesh longs for You
in a dry and thirsty land  where there is no water.
Psalms 63 – {Read the whole Chapter}

With so much going on in our buy lives it is easy
not to get our priorities right.
We should set aside sometime –
to read and meditate on this Psalm 63-
Where David cries to God in the wilderness.

Today is the best time to get on track with God.
Use our time to be filled Spiritually
so we can serve God and his people.
Let people be refreshed by us
as we meet them in our daily living.
Put ‘seek first things first – Every day!.

“All over the world men and women are
looking wistfully to heaven.
Prayers and tears, and inquiries go up
from souls longing for light,
for grace, for the Holy Spirit.
Many are on the verge of the kingdom,
waiting only to be gathered in.”
(Acts of the Apostles p 109} 

Father God, my soul longs for You.
Fill me with your love –
so that I can serve others-
And tell them of Your ‘living water’.

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