“Give Thanks…”



 And at that very moment she came up
and began giving thanks to God,
and continued to speak of Him to all those
who were looking for the
redemption of Jerusalem.
Luke 2 : 38

Yesterday I shared with you the story of
Simeon blessing Jesus in the Temple.
Someone else entered the scene.
A prophetess well advanced in age-
her name was Anna. {Luke 2:36-37}

“At the very moment” while Simeon
was uttering his prophetic words,
Anna joined them and  “began giving thanks to God.”
She too was praising the Lord,
for the privilege of seeing the infant Jesus-
the long-looked for and hoped for Messiah!

Try to experience – what it must have been like
for these two people to know and believe,
as they looked into the peaceful, beautiful face
of this infant child – that He was the Messiah;
the Redeemer  that humanity was waiting for.

We too can have that same hope –
to see Jesus returning in the clouds of heaven –
The King of the universe!
He came the first time to preach the Gospel –
that He will come again the 2nd time
to take us home to Himself.

“Praise Him for His – Love – Redemption –
and Promise to return again.”

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