“My Father’s Business”..

Let the words


And he said to them,
“Why is it that you sought Me?
Did you not know that I must be
about My Father’s business?”
Luke 2 : 49

At the age of twelve, when Jesus visited the temple
during the Passover and saw the priests
and the bleeding lamb on the alter, inspiration tells us.
-“The mystery of His mission was opened
to the Saviour.” {The Desire of Ages, p,78 EGW}

Jesus’ first public debate revealed His sense of mission.
The Holy Spirit had revealed to Him that He was appointed –
‘to preach the gospel; to heal the brokenhearted;
and to offer freedom to the captives in sin.’

At the well in Samaria – His own physical hunger
could not make Him forget His ‘mission.’

When death was approaching –
He reaffirmed that He had come-
‘to seek and save the lost.’

After His resurrection –
He made it clear that His mission was –
to send out his disciples –
“I have sent you – with My mission”

We have been set in the world
as watchmen and light-bearers –
To take a  message to a perishing world.

Let us ask God to help us be those light-bearers
– with a Mission.

Wishing you a “Happy Sabbath.”

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