“To Know God..”

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“And this is eternal life, that they may know You,
the only true God, and Jesus whom You have sent.”
John 17 : 3

John Wesley studied and preached the need for a closer
relationship with God for 9 years –
and he gained 30 followers.
So he was amazed when a friend asked him the question:-
“John, do you really know GOD?”
Those words echoed and reechoed in his mind.

On his way back to England from America,
Wesley said -“I went to America to convert the Indians –
but oh! who shall convert me?”

After attending a meeting in London-
when someone read from ‘Luther’s – Epistle to the Romans’-
Wesley wrote – “I felt my heart strangely warmed-when I heard-
how God works in the heart through faith in Christ.”

A new power came into his ministry –
His life was truly changed –
and others were being changed through him.
He found that personal peace in  his relationship with Him.

How we can come to know God personally? –
* Make a choice – A desire to know Him personally.
* Spend time in his Word- the Bible.
* Communicate through Prayer.
* Meditate on His ‘Love and goodness’.
* Count Our blessings with gratitude.
* And share with others what He has bestowed upon us.


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