Exchanged Riches..



“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
that though He was rich, 
yet for our sake He became poor,
that you through His poverty might become rich.” 

2 Corinthians 8 : 9

We cannot imagine the luxury that Jesus abandoned
in heaven to come to our planet.
We cannot comprehend what our Lord left
to live among the poor on earth.
We can only stand in awe that he chose
to leave the beauties of the universe
and the companionship of unfallen beings
in order to redeem us.

When He was here on earth-
He had no place to call home.
His life style was that of a poor person.
But he did it for you and me. 
If we can grasp His humility,
we can never doubt His Love For Us.

Jesus said- “He did not come into the world
to be served   –   but to serve-
and give His life a ransom for many.”
{Matthew 20:28}

If He was willing to give up so much for us –
We too should be willing to do the same for Him and others.

He has promised to be with us always- and has given us an example.


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