Saying- “Thank-You”



“Thank the LORD because He is good.
His LOVE continues forever.”
Psalms 106 : 1 

“WORSHIP” –  is when we are aware that what we have been given
is far greater than what we can give.

Prayer and Praise – We can commune with God at any time,and any place.
He is always present to hear us.
So comforting to know that we can tell Him
anything and everything.  Our fears. our hopes, our joys-
The Lord wants us to share them with Him= like you would to a friend.

Even though God knows our needs even before we ask –
our highs and our lows – He still wants us to ask Him.
Above all we should-  “Praise Him in Prayer”-
Let this be our Worship daily.

Today – I have a lot to Praise and be thankful for-
as the Lord has seen me through another year of my life –
I have been blessed with health and so much more- .

I do hope that you too will spend time with the Lord-
with thankfulness and praise – for His Blessings.



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Set your  minds


Things of the World..



“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil,
for which some have strayed from the faith,
in their greediness,and pierced themselves
through with many sorrows.  1 Timothy 6 ; 10- 

So what does materialism improve?
Faster travel! – More abundance! – Wealth for all?–
Many are convinced of the greatness of material things.
forgetting that wealth has its limitations.

It will pay for medical bills – but not for ones health;
Houses but not a home;
Followers but not friends;  Envy but not love.
It places too much emphasis on having
and far too little emphasis on being.

When nearing the end of ones life –
it becomes evident that an abundance of things
become an useless burden.
One can only use some – the rest becomes a snare.

One who neglects spiritual for pursuit of material things;
Selling true ‘riches’ for glittering tinsel-
bartering God and heaven;
salvation and peace; for things that perish.

The right place for ‘wealth’- is not in our hearts;
not in our hands – but under our feet-
as we walk the streets of gold in heaven-
as the Bible tells us.

Men trust in becoming rich-
because they believe that money
can do more for them than God can. Money rivals God.
To covet is idolatry- and finally it destroys the worshiper.

The real riches- is what God desires to give us.
God’s Son’s sacrifice – for the whole word –
Is our richest gift.


I have overcome


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“To Be Content..”

cast b


“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”
1 Timothy 6 : 6

Contentment is found only when we learn
to be satisfied with where we are and what we have.
It  is an experience that cannot come
to the human heart naturally —
For the human heart is constantly dissatisfied.
And so cannot seem to have peace.

Environment, position, or power,
will not bring contentment for some
– It is a constant inability to
live above our circumstances.

God has a purpose for the things that befalls us.
Contentment- does not depend outward circumstances,
but rather on our inner experience.

The secret of a truly satisfied and contented life
is to be found only in our relationship with Jesus.

Scripture tells of a man who had everything
that he could desire and still was unhappy.
Position, honor – were not enough for him.
All his blessings and benefits – did not make him happy.
He could see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king’s gate-
and this displeased Haman- and he plotted against him-
to have him killed.  In the end it all came back on Haman.
A good example for not being content.

We are asked – to talk to God –
and He has promised to supply all our needs
and not all what we want!


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Holy SP


“The Father’s Love for us!”..

love this is


“For the Father Himself loves you,
because you have loved Me, and have believed
that I came forth from the father.”
John 16 : 27

The Father’s LOVE is so great that he wants
to reproduce His character in us.
God created us in His own image,
and he wants to restore us back to that condition –
The restoration process never stops, it keeps growing.

The Apostle Paul was well acquainted with the struggles
of the Christian life when he stated-
‘that he was was crucified with Christ and that he died daily.’
He faced the danger of death constantly from outside foes –
but he also knew his enemy lay within himself.
That is why he said-
“We do not fight against flesh and blood,
but against dark spiritual powers.”

When you look at a rosebud-
as is bathes in the warm sunshine,
it does not take long before it bursts forth in full bloom.
So as we understand GOD’S LOVE for us
and as we rest in the sunshine of His love,
our lives will spread open to exude
the beauty and fragrance He gives us.

It is beyond imagination that God,
the RULER of the universe – loves us
and wants to restore His character in us daily.

“Praise Him- for His Love- for each of us.”


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