Things of the World..



“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil,
for which some have strayed from the faith,
in their greediness,and pierced themselves
through with many sorrows.  1 Timothy 6 ; 10- 

So what does materialism improve?
Faster travel! – More abundance! – Wealth for all?–
Many are convinced of the greatness of material things.
forgetting that wealth has its limitations.

It will pay for medical bills – but not for ones health;
Houses but not a home;
Followers but not friends;  Envy but not love.
It places too much emphasis on having
and far too little emphasis on being.

When nearing the end of ones life –
it becomes evident that an abundance of things
become an useless burden.
One can only use some – the rest becomes a snare.

One who neglects spiritual for pursuit of material things;
Selling true ‘riches’ for glittering tinsel-
bartering God and heaven;
salvation and peace; for things that perish.

The right place for ‘wealth’- is not in our hearts;
not in our hands – but under our feet-
as we walk the streets of gold in heaven-
as the Bible tells us.

Men trust in becoming rich-
because they believe that money
can do more for them than God can. Money rivals God.
To covet is idolatry- and finally it destroys the worshiper.

The real riches- is what God desires to give us.
God’s Son’s sacrifice – for the whole word –
Is our richest gift.


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